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SEO copywriting aims to increase traffic to your site and create more sales

The basic task of SEO copywriting is explaining the content of your site in a way that is compelling to search engines. More often than not, copywriting will determine if your site is among the top 5 results in the Google search results page (or any other search engine for that mater).  You don’t want to be lower than the fifth because 80% of the traffic generated from each particular search is split among the fop five results.


I specialise in SEO copywriting

Having read numerous books on the subject and worked with tens of clients, I can confidently say that I know how to integrate the necessary keywords in a sentence or a body of text.


I write for people, not search engines

Being in the top results is important, of course. But the purchase is made by a person, not a search engine. Your writing must always be aimed at the human reader, not the search engine robot. I can assure you that nowhere in my writing is SEO effectiveness achieved at the expense of readability.


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Alina actively participates in the project and perfectly understands the tasks at hand. You can always rely on her to deliver high quality work.


Ana Lopez, project manager of the web-agency Metia (London)



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