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I am a copywriter, journalist and internet marketer with over 15 years of experience. I work from my home in Riga, capital of Latvia. But my clients are located everywhere around the globe - from England to Thailand. My career began with various print media - everything from business newspapaers to women’s magazines. I have won numerous international competitions in journalism and absorbed tens of seminars relating to internet marketing and copywriting.


I work with a team of professionals

I started my business in 2010. During this time I have formed a team. A wonderful group of people that provides my clients with nicely designed websites that sell. The group includes SEO experts who will bring any website in the top 5 results on Google in a matter of only a few months, it includes professional translators and copywriters (native speakers) who work with texts in different languages.
But most importantly – I am confident in my ability to improve your business and make it even more profitable.


My portfolio: tens of satisfied clients

Some are bigger some are smaller. But all are equally important to me. Here you can see what they say about me.


My clients are definitely special to me

Numerous copywriters and marketing agencies are available nowadays. Many of them do good work and some of them do great work. But my clients still choose me because they want something special. I don’t write like most people…


I am successful because…

I know what constitutes a good text – it isn’t just fancy words. Every action needs to lead to a result. Be it a newsletter or a whole marketing campaign, each of these has to contribute to increasing sales.


I don’t take obscenely high fees

I always delve into the project completely. I price it according to hours spent, not in characters written. If you only need “plain text”, you don’t need me. I like writing more than “plain text”, I prefer writing text that impresses, inspires, calls to action, creates loyalty and trust… Text that WORKS.


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We have been cooperating with Alina for many years in various areas of our training. I can say that Alina definitely knows how to write “selling” texts. I recommend her!


Dmitriy Zaznov, chairman of the board of the international training center New Horizons



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